A downloadable game for Windows

Try and get as far as you can on your hoverboard without crashing or hitting a rapid battery discharger!

Featuring 80's hair, shoes and a walkman take our Hero on a random line runner as far as he dares push!

This is the result of a bit of a mess of my first solo jam. Between 12 hour weekend shifts, tractors with flat tyres and then a full time game dev week day job I didn't get to put in the time and effort I had hoped for this. I'd say less than 6 hours of work actually was put into this game and most was spent faffing about with art.

This was a very good experience for myself however, I learned a lot of what goes into a Jam and I hope 40 will prove more successful!

BUT! Here it is! No start menu! No End Screen! No Points! Time or any real relevance to running power!



HoverPower.zip 11 MB

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